IAS Papers : Important Topics for Geography Exam Preparation

Paper I

* Geomorphology
Plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanism are significant sections in Geomorphology. The Union Public Service Commission keeps on alternating queries between endogenic and exogenic forces every year.

* Climatology
In this section, you can expect significant number of questions from tropical cyclones and climatic changes.

* Oceanography
Marine resources, which include biotic, mineral and energy resources and ocean currents are few of the important areas in Oceanography.

* Perspectives in Human Geography

* Economic Geography
Energy crisis

* Population and Settlement Geography
Distribution of world population Causes and consequences of migration Functional classification of towns

* Regional Planning
Growth centers and growth poles

* Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography
Systems analysis in Human Geography Central Places theories of Christaller and Losch Laws of international boundaries and frontiers

Paper II

* Physical setting
Structure and relief Natural vegetation

* Resources
Energy crisis

* Agriculture
Agricultural intensity Agro and social forestry Livestock resources and white revolution

* Industry
Location factor of cottage industry

* Transport, Communication and Trade
Growing importance of ports on national and foreign trade, trade balance Developments in communication technology and its impact on economy and society

* Settlements
Morphology of Indian cities Conurbations and metropolitan regions Urban sprawl Slums and associated problems

* Regional Development and Planning
Decentralised planning Multi-level planning Geography and regional planning

* Political Aspects
Geographical basis of Indian federalism India and geopolitics of the Indian ocean

* Contemporary Issues
Environmental hazard like landslide Changes in pattern of land use Principles of environmental impact assessment and environmental management.

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